Arriving for the first time

Joining a new organisation can be confronting, particularly if you’re not sure what to expect when you arrive. So we make sure you are welcomed and feel included from the start. When you arrive, a senior Shed member will be on hand to explain how the Shed works and what’s on offer. Then, it’s left to you to decide what you want to do. There is no pressure to get involved straightaway. We believe that it is best to get to know the place and our people first.

Where we are and when we’re open

The Shed is in the heart of the Clem Jones Centre campus in Zahel Street, Carina. There is plenty of parking around the building. As you can see from our weekly schedule, we are open four mornings a week. Monday morning is the best time to visit – that’s when we have our weekly gathering.

Fees and other matters

There is an annual membership fee of $60 (or $35 for six months) and a $50 joining fee which mostly covers the cost of the Carina Men’s Shed polo shirt. There is a levy of $2 per visit, largely to cover the cost of tea and sandwiches. Membership is by application.

Weekly Schedule 

Our Men’s Shed is open:


9am-12pm  – Social/guest speakers

12pm-1pm  – Men’s exercise class in gym

1.30pm-3.30pm – a cappella singing group 


9am-2pm – Leadlight/artisan glass work


9am-12pm – Woodwork, leatherwork,

leadlight/artisan glass work

12pm-1pm – Men’s water fitness class


9am – 12pm – Woodwork, leatherwork,

leadlight/artisan glass work ;

9.30am-12pm – Cards (Bridge/500) 


9am-12pm – Woodwork, leatherwork